23 Creative VN - One of the most popular eSports brands in Vietnam

23 Creative VN - One of the most popular eSports brands in Vietnam

Founded in 2016, 23 Creative VN is one of the most popular eSports brands in Vietnam. They are not only the broadcasting channel but also the events organizer and entertainment content creator.

Their success base on the commitment of highlighting the beauty of competitive gaming and bringing the best production value to the gamer in Vietnam.


23 CREATIVE VN offers a wide variety of event organization services, especially eSports competitions. With experience and understanding of Vietnam’s eSports scene, they provide the most effective solution to have success eSports events in Vietnam.


23 CREATIVE VN's talents are one of the most experienced line-ups in Vietnam’s eSports scene with over 3 years of broadcasting and pro playing. Each talent has their own style and their own fanbase, that is a huge and potential resource for advertising and marketing.

To have a successful and resounding tournament, 23 Creative took a delicate act of gratitude to its sponsors. They are utilizing the power of brands through stickers awareness with some logo stickers on a sheet. It makes the tremendous extra to let people know and recognize their brand, sponsors brand and spread it to the citizen.

With the importance of such a sheet sticker, Sticker Factory has succeeded in providing standard quality stickers such as waterproof 100%, not fade, relative temperature resistance.

Logo stickers make a great experience as a gift and customer appreciation, no matter how big or small your brand.


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